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" I speak for the trees,
for the trees have no tongues "

-Dr. Seuss

Technology can make the invisible and neglected apparent. By monitoring industrialized and abandoned land, reclamation plans can be backed with solid data collected on-site via the Flag.

Listen to the Earth

Plant a Flag


Make it modular.
Make it easy.
Make it yourself. 

The hardware design gives everyone an opportunity to participate in high-tech environmentalism. The Flag is easy to assemble, fully customizable, and can be installed anywhere. It can withstand harsh outdoor environments and power itself for months at a time, all while transmitting its data in real-time to the cloud. 
The Flag is delivered with pre-fabricated pieces that are slotted together easily while maintaining a water-proof seal and secure electronic connection to the main central hub in the 'trunk'. 

Listen and learn.

Place the Flag in an area of interest, and environmental data is collected based on how it was constructed. Hundreds of sensors can be connected to a single trunk to increase data fidelity and reliability.
The transparent modules reflect the philosophy of the project. The invisible or hard-to-see data of an environment is revealed to everyone that cares
to look, same goes for inner mechanisms of the structure itself.. 
Screenshot 2023-07-19 111020.png
The technology involved needs to be simple and robust enough to be constructed like ball-and-stick models of molecules in high-school chemistry classes.

The main, central stem served the same function of a tree's trunk, providing the structure and pathway for power and data to be transmitted from the battery in the base, the solar panel at the top and various sensors in the 'branches'.
The branches are actually the housings for sensors of the users' choice. 
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