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" You can have your cake and eat it, too - if you decide to bake a second cake, and...baking two cakes does not take twice the work "

-Robert Kuttner

Engineering is a constant balancing act. Often, as a specific property improves, another degrades, and vice versa. There are instances that this is not the case. There is often overlooked opportunities to have it all.

Unexploited technology is a wasted opportunity, especially if the result is something that would increase the potential of already existing products and systems. 
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Take your console games with you.


Image by Dimitris Chapsoulas

Power and portability.
No compromise.

The landscape of video game systems was a binary choice at first. Do you want high-definition graphics? Or do you want to play on-the-go? Microsoft and Sony produced the XBOX and Playstation and were meant for at-home use. Nintendo produced the Gameboy and Switch, focusing on low resolution games that were fun, but photo-real, they were not. 

With Sorobox, console games are made portable. All their computing power contained in a case with its own on-board power, screen, and speakers.

One size fits all.

The Sorobox has a built-in battery pack to power the console system, screen, and speakers. The various components' power requirements were all individually managed with redundant electronics for safety. The high-capacity Lithium Polymer battery sustains the system for several hours of heavy use. 
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