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"You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice."

-Bob Marley

Health and fitness is more than just a chore or habit for some. Many of those that pursue their physical prowess record their personal metrics, from their bodyweight to how fast they ran a mile. This data is powerful because it is so personal. As an impetus for self-improvement, collect, collate, and present this data responsibly.

Look at what you can do

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Combining inertial data and machine vision, data can be collected and evaluated to track the 'correctness' of the movement itself, all in pursuit of safety and effectiveness.

Take the next step

Prototypes to follow exhibit simpler, sleeker outer appearances with a simple interface similar to buttons on digital wristwatches. Still interfacing with a smartphone app, PeekForm evolves into a wearable so that it can best track even non-exercise activity.

"Everything that can be tracked
can be improved"

One of my coaches advised me to keep a close eye on what I eat and bodyweight in order to best guide me to lose some unwanted weight. However, he also reminded me that they are all just metrics. They are all but numbers. Any individual piece of data should not be taken at face value by itself. So, if I happen to step on the scale and see that my weight has gone up that day, I should not despair.

It is the overall pattern that emerges that ought be taken seriously. This is a philosophy that I have brought into the rest of my life. Any one event, action, circumstance, or thought is just a singular piece of a larger pattern. It may be significant, it may not, but one will not be able to know for sure in the moment. 

Watch and learn.
Exploit technology to gain unique research insight into user behavior.

The applications of technology in design research is essential to capture what users and participants really think. Most of the research done involves interviews, and the questions and verbal responses are definitely useful and comprise most of the user data. However, tracking the user behavior in a session and analyzing non-verbal data reveals subtle insights that may reinforce their responses or, more interestingly, may oppose them entirely. 
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