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DIY and Smart-ify

Practice makes perfect, or, at least, a progression towards perfection. In that spirit, I encourage play as a strategy to learn new skills and concepts. A path forward through gamification demonstrates clear goals and milestones to aim for and achieve, all while increasing confidence and encouraging positive behavior. I design smart objects that help people learn about the world and themselves through fun activities centered around technology. 

Play smart to learn new things

I have collected many skills in the pursuit of crafting what is in my head. If there is a project that requires something new, I am more than willing to dive in to learn and gain the knowledge necessary.

I leverage my creativity
sacrificing quality

I know the tools of the trade, but I am not afraid to be unconventional. I often 'think outside of the box'. This is mostly due to a lack of time or resources, but also, it is simply an enjoyable experience to side-step tradition for a more whimsical or clever solution that would have otherwise been overlooked. 
Heavy Weightlifter

I focus human-facing technology on  ergonomics, privacy, and data fidelity, especially for research purposes.

Sensors and the Human Body
Race in Game Center

I create immersive experiences to find out more about what people really think

Simulated Experience Design
Engineering Sketch

I prototype often and iterate to quickly communicate my ideas

Rapid Viz and Prototyping
Building Robot

I aim to educate through fascination and inspiration. I want to make learning something new a hands-on experience

Smart Objects and Environments
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